Turning over a new leaf!

Although I’m not really turning over a new leaf (defined as change your behavior in a positive way), I’m diving deeper into one of my heartfelt passions – photography. If my passion was writing, this blog might be full of clever prose, well-written poetry and maybe a few meaningful quotes. Nonetheless, I love the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words and although I have a few words I’d rather speak with images whenever I can.

For me, ‘heidisgardenblog’ has always been as much about my photography as it has been about the practice of gardening. Although this could easily become more of a photo blog, it is an outlet for this marriage of my two passions. I can’t honestly say what you will be seeing and learning from this blog in the future, I just know that I will be taking pictures of what I love and sharing what I know – be it gardening or photography. Today you see what I saw this morning in the dawn’s early light.

These days I shoot 50% of the time with my iphone 6s, using various apps and lenses. The other 50% of the time I shoot with either the Canon  Rebel 3Ti and the Olympus TG-820 point and shoot camera. This morning most of the images were shot with the iphone 6s using the Lensbaby lense LM-10. The LM-10 lets you catch a small spot of focus surrounded by a vast amount of blur. It is fun to play with the light, color, and depth of field, although I found that I need a tripod to get the focus just right – or I get all blur. I’m using the Shoulderpod Tripod mount and smartphone grip, which has an aluminum mount and wrist strap so you can hold your camera steady with one hand while using your thumb to tap on the screen. It’s actually pretty cool.

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